Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Chapter 16 : Data Handling Lesson 3

Dear 107s,

Welcome back after the second round of Data collection along Clementi Ave 6.

Here are some of the tasks we are going to complete by today.

1) Uploading of data collected.

Please access the spreadsheet titled "SST 2010 Traffic Data Combined" through the Mathematics Google Site. Only the team member nominated for Data input during the last session can edit the table. The rest of the team members please helped to consolidate the data for your team mates.

2) Examples of Statistical Diagram (Bar Chart, Pie Chart & Line Graph) found in daily life

The wallwisher is an online Post-IT board.

Find one example of either a Bar Chart or a Pie Chart and another example of a Line Graph. Give a short descriptions on the diagram you have selected.

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