Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Need of Numbers (15 January 2010)

As an individual, consider

1) Why is there a need of having numbers?

2) When did the first use of numbers, based on your imagination, occur?

Please post your comment by 16 January 2010.


  1. 1) It is to keep things organised and when we number things , it is easier to find or identify the things we are looking for.

    2) I think it began in the cavemen era.

  2. 1. It is easier to buy things when there are numbers, if not we will be tying knots on strings like the olden days.

    2. I think it occurred when people were out of the cavemen era and after english was developed. I also think that numbers were developed for the farmers, to sell their crops and animals.

  3. 1. It was to keep things in track and well organised.

    2. Maybe about 35 000 B.C, using some other forms of numbers but not those that we are using now.

  4. 1. It was to help the people in organising things and keeping things in check.
    2. I think it was during the era when caveman carved on the walls of the cave

  5. 1.It is easier to keep track the amount of items we have.
    2. I think it was during the mayan or roman age.

  6. 1. It is easier to organize items using numbers.

    2. I think it was developed when some genius found it inconvenient without numbers

  7. 1)We need numbers because it helps us to get organised and to keep track of things.
    2)I think numbers were first used during the earliest form of civilisation.

  8. 1) we need numbers to make certain markings for important things, and without numbers, there would be no history.
    2) the use of numbers started from the dawn of humanity.

  9. If we do not have numbers, we will not be able to count.

    I imagine that cavemen was trying to figure out how much food was there when someone invented counting

  10. 1. The need of numbers is important to solve problems and is easier to tell others a quantity of items.
    i think that numbers were used when people we stuck with a problem, which is counting and communication.

  11. 1) It is to help count things using numbers.

    2) I think the people had trouble counting a large quantity of objects.

  12. Numbers were used to keep track of multiple quantity of something.

    I think that numbers were created when people were being cheated due to
    the rope

    - LJJ

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  14. 1. I think numbers were used to organize things and identify them.

    2. I think numbers were around since the caveman era, but came into use after the ice age.

    Darius Low

  15. 1. Numbers are used to solve problems and get things organized when there are misunderstanding.

    2.I think it was first used during the stone age period, using strokes of lines.

  16. numbers are very useful in representing quantities

    It was first used in the stone age period

  17. numbers let us count and divide
    in rome

  18. 1. Basically, the number system was invented in order to allow people to count. It also allowed them to define and tell others about quantity more easily.
    2. People can only count up to ten using their fingers and they probably have a hard time trying to tell other people the number of objects they wanted to say.

  19. 1. I think numbers help us express what we are thinking without having to tie knots or other tedious things.
    2. I think the first use of numbers was at the beginning of time. people could have used their hands to express what they want to say.

  20. I) Numbers are invented to keep track of the number of things, and very useful at business to know how much goods left.
    II) I think numbers existed very long time ago when humans start trading around the world. The 0~9 differs from different language, so it must be standardised to let people have a easier time to know what number of goods they have.

  21. 1. We need numbers so that it is more convenient to count. It will also help to organize things in a systematic order.
    2. It started as people wanted to send messages to each other and wanted to tell the quantity of goods they want to sell.

  22. 1. We need numbers so that we can keep track of the items we have, etc. easily.
    2. It started when the Greek and Romans found it hard to sell their things without numbers.

    Chin Fan