Thursday, May 20, 2010

Chapter 9.2 : Average Rate (Lesson 1)

Rate is a ratio between two quantities with different units of measurement.

Rate allows us to express a quantity as a proportion of another quantity thus enable us to make comparison between different quantity.

Examples of rate being used in our daily life are:
1) Speed of a car, where the distance is measured against time (Kilometer per Hour or Meter per Second)

2) Buying of food and drink, where the price is measured against the weight or volume (Dollars per Kilograms or Dollars per Litres)

3) Frequency of Buses (Number of buses in operation per Hour)

4) Heart Rate (Number of beat per Minute)

The examples of rate in our daily life in countless.....

Thus give 2 examples of the use of Rate in your life and briefly describe how you can make use of these information to help you make better decisions in your life.

Please also refer to your Textbook 1B from Pg 9 to 11 and your Ace - Learning Portal for more materials and examples.

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