Monday, June 28, 2010

Welcome Back for a New Semester

Dear students,

Welcome back to school after your June Holidays.

Let us start the new semester with this task.

Under the comment section, post up

1) 1 interesting thing you have done / see during the June Holidays.

2) 1 interesting knowledge that you have learn during the June Holidays.

3) The expectation that you are going to set for yourself in the learning of Mathematics.


  1. 1.played a basketball friendly match with the sst team
    2.i have learned that i have much more to learn
    3.i wanna get a A1

  2. 1)Sleeping
    2)How to play Ninja saga

  3. 1. Horror movie
    2. Learn and memorize a few lyrics of song
    3. Make less careless mistake

  4. 1) I went to Universal Studios.

    2) I learned how to use Google Sketchup.

    3) I hope to think & write faster so I can get an A1 the next time I have a test.

  5. 1) The Mona Lisa. (REAL ONE)

    2) Orchard Road got flooded. (Random)

    3) Hand in all homework on time (or earlier).

  6. 1. I did a presentation on the ideas together with my group members during the entrepreurnership camp.
    2. I learnt about the story about the 'pink lady' and the 'green man'.
    3. I will time myself and make sure I complete the paper in time.

  7. 1) I took part in the Math Olympiad During the 1st of June.
    2) I learnt that I am important to the cricket team.
    3) I want to strive in my math and improve on my other subjects.

  8. 1)I played Halo 3 at Elgin Patt's house
    2)I learnt that Yeo Jun Jie snores
    3)At least A2

  9. 1. I have done a few past year exam Maths papers.
    2. I have learnt more about the Forbidden City.
    3. The expectation i am going to set for myself is that aiming for an A1 in Maths.

  10. 1. I got to play L4D2 (Left 4 Dead 2). It was fun and very bloody. The zombies were tough to kill but it was still fun.

    2. I learnt that england is actually very noob after playing out a draw with Algeria and USA and losing to Germany 4-1!

    3. I hope I can get an A2 and also try to keep up with schoolwork.

    Darius Low

  11. 1. Movies
    2. Facebooking might be boring at times.
    3. Make less careless mistakes.

  12. 1) I&E Camp and the stay at the Loft@94
    2) Adobe Aftereffects and motion tracking feature
    3) Grade of A2

  13. 1. I saw a guy in the supermarket not wearing trousers
    2. The movie Kick-Ass rocks!!
    3. As high as possible

  14. 1. I went bowling! And found out that I could lift the ball up. :D

    2. I understood the methods of identifying and retrieving the truth from someone who lies.

    3. I am expecting myself to get an A1, with at least 80%, for all assignments and tests.

    Hao Yang

  15. 1. I have finally blown up someone's head from more than 200 metres away with a sniper rifle in halo on a sniper match on santrap, after 4-5 years.
    2. I learnt that I actually know how to use the BR (battle rifle), when I thought I was impaired with that all this 4-5 years that I have playing halo.
    3. A1 grade

  16. 1) Made keychains that was made out glittery dough that hardened.
    2) I explored Phun.
    3) To get a A1

  17. 1. I went overseas
    2. I have learned more about the application of physics during the holidays
    3. I set a goal for myself, to get at least an A2 in math

  18. i went to universal studios

    i learnt how to use google sketchup

    a A2

  19. 1)I didnt sleep for a day and a half.
    2)I learned that referees are Bias.

  20. 1) Stay up late till 4am in the morning and sleeping till 1pm.
    2) The length of the elbow is the same as the length of your foot. :D
    3) Hand in work, do corrections.

  21. 1) i re-read a very very very old book.
    2) Learn to play a new electone song.
    3) Be more carful in mathematics